Simon Brew

Oct 9, 2017

Pirates Of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski is now in the running for X-Men spin-off Gambit…

The long-gestating X-Men spin-off movie Gambit, that was all set to star Channing Tatum (and still is, we think), has thus far appointed and lost both Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman as director. But finally, it looks as if things are going to move forward, with the news that a new helmer is in the frame to take the job on,

Gore Verbinski, who directed the first three Pirates Of The Caribbean movies (and most recently, A Cure For Wellness), is now said to be in talks to take the movie on. It’ll be his first blockbuster movie since The Lone Ranger should he sign on the dotted line.

There’s no release date as things stand for Gambit, but Fox is likely to want to get the movie before cameras at last at some point in 2018. Verbinski’s appointment would be a big step towards that. More as we hear it…