Matthew Byrd

Apr 23, 2019

Epic and Fortnite will do "whatever it takes" to take part in that sweet Avengers: Endgame hype

Avengers is coming to Fortnite again in a celebration of the kind of corporate synergy that leads to someone buying a new boat. 

The event was teased through the Fortnite Twitter account, with a post that shows one of the Fortnite characters holding Captain America’s shield. Included in the tweet is the text “Whatever it takes” and the date “4.25.19.” Based on our years of experience decrypting vague tweets, we’re guessing that means that some kind of Avengers content is coming to Fortnite on the 25th April.

Many of you will no doubt remember that Fortnite teamed up with Marvel before to bring Thanos to the popular battle royale title. That mode gave one player a chance to find the Infinity Gauntlet and become Thanos. Sadly, it didn’t then let them snap their fingers and randomly eliminate half of the people playing in that game. Instead, it gave them access to a variety of special abilities. 

While it’s entirely possible that mode will make a comeback, the smart money is on the Fortnite team dreaming up some kind of new Avengers-related content. It could end up being an entirely new special mode, but this tease tends to suggest that Fortnite could soon receive an influx of Avengers cosmetics. 

We’ll know for sure what this is all about when the event starts on April 25, but until then, we need something to talk about to fill out the rest of this article. So how are you doing today? Is everything good? That’s nice. We’re just having a cuppa.

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