Matthew Byrd

Mar 15, 2019

An incredible amount of work went into this (mostly) definitive Fallout timeline.

One incredibly…umm…dedicated Fallout fan has created what very well may be the ultimate timeline of Bethesda’s Fallout games. 

“The process was super simple, and really I shouldn’t get much credit for it,” says timeline creator Connor Rawlings via a Reddit post. “All I did was read through every terminal entry, note, and holotape for Fallouts 3 to 76 on the Fallout wiki and occasionally cross-referenced in-game and with the common wiki timeline. Then I typed short descriptions of everything I could find with some kind of a date into an Excel document.”

We certainly wouldn’t describe that process as simple, but we do see his point. The result of his considerable effort is certainly simple as the timeline he came up with (which you can view here) does offer a fairly easy to follow chronological compilation of the known events that form the timeline of the Fallout series (at least since Bethesda took over the development of the franchise). As for why the original Fallout games aren’t included, the answer is really quite simple.

“In regards to Fallout 1 and 2 I’ve honestly never played them,” said Rawlings in a statement to Eurogamer. “Whatever I got lore-wise regarding those games came from the detailed work others have done on the wiki. I don’t really have the capacity to play them at the moment but I would like to give them a go eventually…The only real issue here is Tactics which I omitted from the timeline, though I may add in later. The feedback I received from some commentators was useful. Asking if stuff like the Fallout Bible is still canon, which to the best of my knowledge most of it is.”

Rawlings is also the first to state that this timeline isn’t perfect. Such as it is, there are certain events in the Fallout universe which either aren’t associated with a date or are based on choices the player makes. There’s not much that Rawlings can do about the former, but the latter, he decided to simply base the timeline on the choices he made in the game.

While Rawlings indicates that he is interested in finishing this project, it will be interesting to see if the series timeline is actually logical enough to allow for a single timeline. There have certainly been questions about how Fallout 76 fits into the series’ story thus far.