Kirsten Howard

Aug 17, 2017

The BBC's gigantic hit Doctor Foster will return very soon. Here are a couple of new pictures to tide you over…

Doctor Foster was a massive and rather unexpected hit for the BBC, racking up 8.2 million viewers weekly and hitting 10.1 million in its series finale. Since the relentlessly popular sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys only gets around 3 million viewers a week, you can only imagine how fast plans were put in place for a second run of this particularly disturbing drama.

It’s now been two years since Doctor Foster first aired, and that’s where we’ll be joining Gemma when the show returns in the next few months. Suranne Jones will be back to play the scorned GP, and the BBC have released an image that shows forgiveness is unlikely to be on the menu. 

Take a look…

Doctor Foster: creepy series 2 image released

Is that her ring finger? Eugh, blimey, it is.

Series two will expose the ugly fallout from Doctor Foster’s revenge on her unfaithful husband, and Bertie Carvel will be back as spouse Simon. Robert Pugh (Jack Reynolds) and Jodie Comer (Kate Parks) will also return.

Here’s another image the BBC released. Less blood in this one…

Doctor Foster: creepy series 2 image released

More as we have it.

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