Ah, and how me missed you Red! It is such a pleasure to have you back on the silver screen doing what you do best! (Which is generally been angry but absolutely loving your gorgeous lady, killing people in the most random ways, loosing limbs and having to grow them again, and just been you!)  Deadpool 2 definitely did not a disappointment. It is once again filled with the humour, reference’s and puns that we have all grown to love. Starting with the James bond intro right through to the mid credit skit that goes back to the start of our journey with our favourite unconventional and not so valiant superhero. Although we all know that Deadpool is fantastic for anyone who loves action packed movies full of explosion, gun vs. sword fights, car chases and one or two unexpected “mishaps” which leave the cast wishing they all had lady luck on their side (well maybe not the whole cast). However Deadpool 2 comes with a bit of a twist. This time it’s all about Family and how sometimes you need to put a little faith in people, even when they are been an ass and do everything they can to get you to leave them alone. Sometimes you need to give them a chance to get their heart in the right place and they might just surprize you, you might even surprize yourself along the way! Not to mention how sometimes family is found in the most unlikely of people and places. This movie is best watched by and or with someone that will catch the underlying humour instead of just looking at you as if you crazy, while you laugh so hard that you wish you were wearing your yellow pants. Deadpool 2 is action packed, full of gun fights and explosions, only the “lucky” ones are left unscathed! Anyone who is not entertained by this movie should be left to look after the handy-capable children so they don’t get stuck in a tree next time there is anything fun happening. All in all it is a must see for anyone that has some culture and wants to have a good laugh with a fantastic avocado looking dude!

On a side note: Being in a relationship with one of the dark geeks of the world that LOVES Deadpool, I would recommend that any new relationship starts with a viewing of this movie, because let’s face it; if you can’t agree on Deadpool then the relationship is not going anywhere anyway.