Alec Bojalad

Jan 14, 2019

James Wan's Aquaman has become the first DCEU film to reach $1 billion at the worldwide box office

James Wan has followed up on the huge global success of his Fast & Furious 7 with another slice of box-office gold… Aquaman has become his second movie to join the coveted $1 billion club at the worldwide box office – and the first DC Extended Universe movie to do so. 

Box Office Mojo reports that, as of 13 January 2019, Aquaman’s worldwide earnings stand at a whopping $1.02 billion. Against everyone’s expectations, that makes it the first DCEU film to reach $1 billion.

Of all the previous entries into Warner Bros’ attempt at a Marvel-like cinematic universe, only Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice ($873.6 million) and Wonder Woman ($821.8 million) came close. Justice League, which featured Aquaman himself alongside other big-ticket DC heroes, took in “only” $659 million worldwide.

Aquaman isn’t the first DC character to have a film reach the $1 billion mark though. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises both reached $1 billion worldwide, though those movies exist outside the DCEU canon. 

The Dark Knight Rises remains the highest grossing film featuring any DC superhero ever, with $1.08 billion. Aquaman seems certain to pass that though, as it hasn’t even opened in Japan yet. 

Aquaman‘s path to success undoubtedly has to do with decent reviews and a positive word of mouth. The Jason Momoa factor probably helped, too. James Wan clearly had a handle on both the character and what modern audiences are looking for from a DC comic-book movie, so now the only question is: when will we get Aquaman 2?