All fans have their favorite comic book movies and all of us have our favorite scene’s from these flicks. Here are a few of my fav’s.

Iron Man And War Machine In Iron Man 2

Seeing both Iron Man and War Machine, side by side, fighting off a horde of killer robots was epic.

Phoenix In X2

At the end of X2 when the Phoenix appears every geek knew exactly what happened. Its always awesome to be one of the few people who know exactly what is going on.

Stan Lee’s Iron Man Cameo

Its always awesome to see Stan The Man make an appearance in a movie adapted from one of his comics. In the first Iron Man Tony Stark confuses him for Hugh Hefner. Another great cameo is when Stan Lee is refused entry into the Mr Fantasic/Invisible woman wedding in Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer.

Captain America’s Shield’s Appearance In Iron Man

Seeing Captain America’s shield in both Iron Man movies makes sense when you learn that Howard Stark, Tony’s daddy, designed it. The shield appears as a little Easter Egg in the first movie and is partially seen in Iron Man 2.

David Banner And The Incredible Hulk

The 2008 reboot was a much needed reboot after the previous Ang Lee abortion. There were a few references to the television series like the Bill Bixby cameo and “Lonely Man” theme music. At the end of the film when Bruce Banner is hiding in Canada he goes by the name David Banner just like in the TV show.

X-Men Origions: Wolverine Opening Credits

The opening scene is epic, with Wolverine and Sabertooth fighting their way through all of America’s wars.

Tony Stark’s Cameo In The Incredible Hulk

This scene had Marvel fans foaming at the mouth. It hints at a possible Avengers movie in the future. And guess what? Its coming out next year. We will have that story for you soon.

Wade Wilson’s Cameo In X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Deadpool’s appearance in the Wolverine movie got fans very excited over a possible movie. Ryan Reynolds has announced that he will be working on bringing everyone’s favorite merc to the big screen.

Opening Scene To Blade

Everyone remembers this opening scene. The pumping underground rave, the unsuspecting Vamp food, the blood shower  and that song. Oh that song. Then Blade walks in and kicks Vamp butt. Awesome!

Warning: If you haven’t hit puberty don’t watch the vid I know that sound smore like an invitation than a warning but seriously, don’t do it.

The Nightcrawler Fight Scene

It just freaking rocks ok!


What are your most awesome moments?