Today’s blog is extra special and I’m so proud to be sharing it with my readers. The independent space adventure game, Stasis, is not only developed right here in South Africa by a South African, but the developer also happens to be a close friend of mine.


Hi Chris!


He doesn’t know that I’m doing this blog.


Now lets get down to the interesting stuff. Stasis is an adventure game set in space aboard an abandoned research facility. It reminds me of the old school Space Quest games, where you have to solve puzzles, and use objects around you to progress.



You play as John Maracheck, a man who awakens to find himself of a seemingly abandoned research facility and goes in search of his wife and daughter.


You can find out much more and read Chris’s blogs at


“Graphically, Stasis is fairly unique in the adventure game genre, opting for highly detailed isometric graphics, as opposed to the more classic ‘side on’ views of other adventure games. Richly detailed rooms and fluid animations create an immersive environment for the player to explore, with danger lurking in every shadow.”



This is the trailer for the game:



Here is a vid showing you a bit of the game play:



You can watch more Stasis vids on YouTube



People are raving about this game all over the net in blogs and forums. I seriously cannot wait to get my paws on it.

Stasis is due out later this year.