This costume is a Medieval take on Batman’s armor. Its based on the medieval-inspired alternate fantasy universe and made out of leather. The story line is based upon Lord Wayne who alter ego is inspired by the loss of his wife Lady Abigale Wayne and unborn child. It was created by talented DeviantArt user Azmal. The detail is amazing.


You can commission Azmal to make you a costume, email him at



Here are a few things he can create for the cosplay enthusiast:


Leather Goods
– Full head to toe harnesses of armor, or individual parts of armor.
– Belts, Baldrics, Guitar Straps & other strapping components
– Leather clothing including jackets coats and renaissance attire
– Horse Armor + Saddle and Tack goods
– Accessories such as head pieces, pouches, wallets, and nick knack items
– Bags, luggage, and custom hard leather cases for guitars for example


Metal Goods
– Custom weaponry from swords, knives, and daggers to maces and halberds, from giant to tiny, no project is to elaborate to undertake. Battle ready of course with proper heat treat and temper.
– Full head to toe harnesses of metal armor, historic or fantasy.
– Various ornamental and jewelry style pieces including repousse metal designs (3D designs in metal)
– Cast designs in various metals


Cloth Goods
-various clothing, tunics, capes, accessories.
Wood – Woodworking
– Boxes & chests
– Wood and glass display cases for swords or even full suits of armor
– Can do carved designs in any wood project


Paint & Auto
– Custom Leather interior/upholstery
– Custom Automotive Paint Jobs
– Automotive Restoration

Wow! What can’t this guy do?



See more of his work here