Editorial: XAAS is COMING! Or the end of XBOX as you know it?

The Uberutang considers the future of gaming from Microsoft in this opinion piece.

Xbox as a Service (XAAS) might just be around the corner.

Some XBOX owners were upset yesterday when they found out that previously exclusive games for the XBOX will also be releasing on Windows 10 PC.

Some are even calling it the END OF ALL THINGS XBOX!

I think they fail to appreciate that XBOX is no longer just hardware. It is a Service. A Brand.Editorial: XAAS is COMING! Or the end of XBOX as you know it?

Games as a Service is the future and Microsoft is the only one of the 3 console manufactures that can (currently) exploit that.They have the console hardware, they have the PC Operating system, they have mobile offering across hardware and Operating Systems and they have their powerful Azure cloud services.

XBOX as a Service is the future for their gaming, regardless of what hardware you play it on.

You want to play your games on a tv box? They will sell you one (aka a console).You want to play your games on a mobile device? They will sell you access to their service (Possibly with Azure doing the heavy lifting for you on the graphics and physics side)You want to play games on your PC? They will sell you games on their (and possibly other) services.I won’t be surprised if an ‘Xbox’ enabled TV is sold eventually. A smart TV that can access and play XBOX services.

Having to spend money to design and support hardware every few years is making less and less sense for them, since they can push the content to any device (eventually).They will always have a TV device for people that prefer that, so don’t stress, but they will also (if their amazing offerings on iOS and Android is anything to go by) offer the ‘Xbox’ brand on other mobile systems soon.

The future is services and platform agnostic. XBOX is not hardware anymore, it is a brand. A service.

But what about my FANBOY RANGE? How will I now spit anger at Sony or Nintendo gamers?

Microsoft’s  goal is to sell software/games and services and grow their client base.Why does it matter if you access those services on a specific console?

They will still have XBOX exclusives, but XBOX will be an app on your phone or PC or TV box (and that could very well be a thing very close to or the same  the console they have now, since it offers a wide array of experiences and services at lower that PC cost). Heck it can remain the current hardware for a long long time (perhaps with a hdmi update later to support 4k etc), and they can enhance the experience with Azure.

Editorial: XAAS is COMING! Or the end of XBOX as you know it?

There is very little point on just focusing on one hardware platform if you can also sell people the same experience on other devices that they are happy to buy and fund themselves!The ‘hardware war’ has gone multi platform. Every “XBOX” game sold will be a plus to them, regardless of what you end up playing it.

Shift your mindset away from a ‘console’ being a hardware device. It is now a service offering that will expand their user base dramatically.


Just a reminder ‘XBOX’ is already on Windows 10 PC and Mobile. As an APP.Editorial: XAAS is COMING! Or the end of XBOX as you know it?They have the APP store on Windows 10 for Stuff like Netflix etc. Oh and here is XBOX on my PhoneEditorial: XAAS is COMING! Or the end of XBOX as you know it?

So where do you sit on this? Angry that you wont have to buy into a hardware platform? Or delighted that modern convenience is finally translation down to gaming?Does exclusives locked to hardware rather than a service still matter to you?

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